Exotex, Inc.

Exotex, Inc. is the developer of “next-generation” proprietary composite materials and products (broadly termed “fiber reinforced composites or “FRCs”) These economical light-weight, high tensile strength, high-temperature tolerant (up to 700⁰C), and/or caustic and impact resistant advanced materials are designed to outperform and replace conventional materials and products.

Exotex proprietary technologies Include:

  • Porous pipe – a replacement for conventional slotted liner and screened pipe allowing for significantly higher flow rates
  • Super insulated pipe – a highly insulated pipe that is spoolable, allowing for efficient transportation and installation and a minimum numbers of connectors, resulting in significantly reduced costs and higher performance
  • Heat pipes – applications include industrial and residential heating and cooling, heated (ice free) roadways and runways etc.


  1. Deliver cost and performance advantages while fulfilling the market’s requirement for innovative materials and specialty products
  2. A key supplier to the parent company GTherm and these performance advantages to its energy generation initiatives.
  3. Partner with manufacturers and industry leaders (including epoxy manufactures, FRC and pipe manufacture, knitting and braiding, transportation componentry, construction, automotive etc.)
  4. License certain proprietary technologies for royalties to leading companies by product category, and/or by geographic sector.

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