GTherm Energy, Inc.

GTherm Energy, Inc.  is the developer of the GTherm Comprehensive Energy System, a proprietary system uniquely combines several field-proven legacy oil and gas extraction methods into a single, thermally-driven system to volumetrically recover greater quantities of oil and gas with greater efficiency and in a more-environmentally sound manner.  The patented and patent pending system enables the flow of oil by changing its viscosity in the reservoir and by influencing the directional flow.

  • Conventional recovery processes are only able to recover about  20% of the original oil in the reservoir, leaving up to 80% of the known oil stranded in place (USGS). The discovery and recovery of “easy oil” is disappearing. Much of the planet’s untapped reserves are either deep beneath the sea or in environmentally-sensitive areas making new fields expensive to exploit.

Through its subsidiary, GTherm OGP,  LLC, the company plans to acquire and exploit depleted and /or under-performing onshore oil fields that are compact, have consistent reservoir properties, thick pay zones, and have proven oil in place.

GTherm Energy has initiated a strategy for the development of on-site power plants as a  hedge against the fluctuations in WTI pricing.

  • Through its subsidiary, GTherm Power, LLC, the company will augment its oil and gas recovery efforts by building modular baseload power plants on-site to fulfill its own energy requirements. Furthermore,  GTherm Power will seek to secure Purchase Power Agreements (“PPA”) for the generation of on-grid electricity for local utilities.

Volumetrix Oil Services will provide field engineering and technical support for the implementation and operation of the GTherm Comprehensive Energy System.

EIA projects a 48% increase in world energy consumption by 2040 with liquid fuels the leading source.


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