GTherm, Inc.

GTherm, Inc. (“GTherm”) is dedicated to the development of environmentally-sound innovations for use in the energy and other markets.


    • GTherm Energy, Inc. is the developer of proprietary ‘clean’ oil and gas extraction technology. The GTherm Comprehensive Energy System uniquely combines several field-proven legacy oil and gas extraction approaches into a single, thermally-driven system to volumetrically recover greater quantities of oil and gas, sequester CO2 and, where applicable, generate baseload electricity.

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      Working interest and lease acquisition company: GTherm OGP, LLC
      Field implementation and operations company: Volumetrix Oil Services, LLC
      Electric power generation company: GTherm Power, LLC



  • Exotex, Inc. is the developer of proprietary high-temperature tolerant and/or corrosion resistant advanced composite materials that outperform conventional materials (carbon fiber, broadly termed “fiber reinforced composites “FRCs”). Exotex epoxies when used to saturate woven or spun materials and products (including pipes) will perform in “high temperature” and/or caustic environments, with “high tensile strength”, impact-resistant, moisture absorption resistance.



  • GTherm GEO, Inc. is the developer of the Single-Well Engineered Geothermal System™ (“SWEGS”) for the generation of baseload geothermal power. GTherm GEO SWEGS is a closed system that does not require building a water reservoir and emit zero 6HG.

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