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Geothermal energy expert Anthony Amicucci in Chile

September 1, 2010

“The difference between GTherm and other prominent technology such as SWEGS and EGS is that we do not require the thousands of gallons of water to produce energy and our technology does not cause tremors to shred the rocks in the process, “said Anthony Amicucci.

Santiago, Chile. September 1, 2010. Anthony Amicucci, business development of GTHERM Achernar, is in Chile holding over 20 meetings with the principal authorities public and private companies related to geothermal power generation, to deliver background Renewable Geothermal Technology is unique in the world, low risk environmental performance GTHERM call: SWEGS (Single Well Engineered Geothermal System).

GTHERM: SWEGS is a renewable geothermal technology, which captures heat directly from rocks “dry” eliminating many limiting factors present in current technologies geothermal. His innovations in these technologies to significantly refine the systems currently used, including eliminating the requirement of “massive amounts of water” “Rocks with high permeability.” Additionally, it reduces the possibility of earthquakes. The Electric Power Research Institute GTherm awarded in June 2009, the prestigious research and development known as the Polaris Grant Award. GTherm technology creates a “nest of heat” at the bottom of a well. Transmitting a binary fluid through the exchanger and is brought to the surface to generate electricity. GTherm design, product does not need the water of natural reservoirs and major Conventional geothermal temperatures, allows the location of Power Plant very close to the electrical distribution networks, and as such, significantly reduces costs because the transmission loss.

Anthony Amicucci, an expert in geothermal energy, is holding meetings to inform the important contribution that this technology can mean for the country, which has sustained meetings with the National Geothermal Energy, the ex – President of the Republic, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, CODELCO, Ministry of Energy, Energy Andean mining ministry, ENDESA, ENAP, CER (Centre for Renewable Energy), University Federico Santa Maria, Anglo American, Minera El Abra, CORFO, Colbun Enami, SERNAGEOMIN, Senate Energy Committee and other public and private institutions, associated with this focus of energy development.