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Geothermal technology is unique in the world was presented in Chile

September 3, 2010
Source: The Second Online

At a time when Chile is in frank discussion about what should be the guidelines for clean production energy for our country, Anthony Amicucci, Business Enterprise Development GTHERM Achernar, commented on attributes of geothermal energy and the elements Technology differentiators GTHERM.

After holding more than twenty meetings with key public authorities and private companies related to geothermal power generation in our country, Anthony Amicucci, Business Development Company GTHERM Achernar said he was surprised by the geothermal potential Chile and said the company has a prosperous future our country.

GTHERM is a renewable geothermal technology, which captures the direct heat rock “dry” eliminating many factors limitations present in current geothermal technologies. Its innovations in these technologies so perfect significant systems currently used, including eliminating the requirement of “massive amounts of water” and “rocks high permeability. “

Additionally, it reduces the possibility of earthquakes. The Electric Power Research Institute GTherm awarded in June 2009, the prestigious research and development known Grant Award as the Polaris.

GTherm technology creates a “nest of heat” in the bottom of a well. A binary fluid is passed through the exchanger and brought to the surface to generate electricity. Design GTherm, a product that does not need water reservoirs natural or higher temperatures of conventional geothermal energy, allows the Power Plant location very close to electrical distribution networks, and as such, reduce significant costs due to transmission loss.

With respect to the invention of technology GTherm, by the mechanical engineer and scientist Michael Parrella, “said Amicucci “During 2006, the Department of Energy States United awarded a grant to study all energies renewable in the world. This grant was won Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is one of the most prominent universities in the world’s energy and its report found that of all renewable energies, energy Geothermal is the best for the future of the world, so is the genesis of our technology and is already in Chile. ” He added that “the difference between GTherm and other technologies prominent such as SWEGS (Single-Well Engineered Geothermal System) and EGS (Engineered Geothermal Systems) is that we do not require thousands of gallons of water energy and develop our technology does not cause tremors by Shatter the rock in the process. Our system does not requires that we use energy from rocks incandescent and have special materials designed and patented by the Department of Energy, U.S., other technologies lose about 70% of the water. “

Regarding the potential presented by Chile to develop geothermal energy, said, “is a country that has too areas of extreme heat, one is the Ring of Fire. We can deliver renewable energy at a price economic, and other geothermal plants dig wells extremely deep for energy and that is the Due to the high cost and steady increases in the price of it. We can guarantee the Chilean government and companies our energy is cheaper and prices are not increase in 25 years, we have no unforced costs associated with the plant. “

Considering the national contingency, specifically in the case Thermal Power Plant in the area of Punta de Choros, the U.S. expert says what has been the receipt of GTherm plants in the United States with the community and indigenous native peoples of his country. “We have worked with indigenous peoples and communities in the U.S. building power plants in their lands and power supply organic. When I say that we are working together I mean they are our partners and as such, also receive earnings from the energy we get from their land. We intend to do the same with the indigenous peoples here in Chile, want them to know that we will not spoil your land and would like to bring to the U.S. to see their yourself the experience and outcomes of indigenous people with GTherm American. “

During your visit to our country, the executive met with National Geothermal Energy Company, the ex – President of the Republic, Ricardo Lagos, Minister of Energy, Energy Andean ACHEGEO, CODELCO, Ministry of Mines, ENDESA, ENAP, Renewable Energy Centre (EWC), University Federico Santa Mary, Anglo American, Minera El Abra, CORFO, Colbun ENAMI SERNAGEOMIN, Jaime Orpis, Chairman of the Committee Senate Energy and Sara Larraín, Chile Executive Director Sustainable, among other public and private partners this focus of energy development.