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Technology Gtherm: global leader in geothermal lands in Chile

In recent years in our country there is a growing technological development and innovation in the quest to promote the exploitation of renewable sources of energy accompanied by a widespread interest in the environment. Social concern for our environment, by public opinion, governments and business sectors underpin a series of measures to protect the planet.

The significant geothermal potential that Chile has, by its content and important volcanic ability to generate such energy, it stands as one of the most important worldwide. These aspects, together with the applicable laws of many nations, support and increase the use and development of such renewable energy.

Achernar executives.

In this context, it becomes Chile GTHERM ™ technology: Single Well Engineered Geothermal System ™ (SWEGS ™), which is described as renewable geothermal technology, which captures heat directly from “dry rocks” eliminating limiting factors present in current technologies geothermal. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) GTherm awarded in June 2009, the prestigious R & D Grant Polaris Award.

Luis Hinojosa, CEO of Achernar Energy Technology explains on GTHERM “GTHERM technological innovation significantly improves the systems used, including eliminating the requirement to use” massive amounts of water “and the need for” rocks high permeability “and further reducing the possibility of seismic activity. Proceeds of the foregoing, it is not necessary to use the underground reservoirs of hot springs, creating a “nest of heat” by means of a binary fluid is passed through a heat exchanger and is brought to the surface to generate of electricity. “

In terms of power and relationship with the environment, Alvaro Ortiz, Operations Manager Energy Achernar “said that” the temperature ranges GTHERM Technology needs are lower than desirable ranges for the current geothermal technology, with a nominal output of 10 MW to 100 MW, as required by the project. In addition, traditional technologies are pigeonholed as renewable and environmentally friendly but have an incidence rate in the environment and pollution of aquifers. “

With this new technology can develop land for environmental uses, tourism, recreation or others that are now deserts. GTHERM technology with the development of projects in California (USA), Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and in the process of studies in England and other European countries, hoping that in the short term has the first plant operational South America, for which alliances are managed for implementing this technology in Chile.