GTherm GEO, Inc.

GTherm GEO, Inc. is  dedicated to the development geothermal power plants (on-grid and off-grid) worldwide utilizing the Single-Well Engineered Geothermal System™ (“SWEGS”).

GTherm SWEGS technology utilizes widely available ‘dry hot rock’ geothermal energy, requires very little water, creates no water or air pollution, produces renewable power with a zero carbon footprint and has a very limited visual impact.

Because  it represents an alternative for clean, load base generation of electricity, geothermal power is a highly-desirable form of renewable energy. The earth’s heat is plentiful. The amount of heat contained in just the first two miles (3km) of the Earth’s crust below the continents could supply enough energy to meet the world’s consumption requirements for approximately 100,000 years (EPRI, 2010). Geothermal is a vast, untapped resource; and as innovations in technology unlock its potential, the growth of geothermal power is expected to be exponential.

Until the 1980s, the generation of electricity from geothermal heat was limited to locations containing naturally-occurring, superheated steam and/or water to drive steam turbines. Since the 1980s, a technology called “Enhanced Geothermal Systems” (EGS) has been developed as a way to extract geothermal heat energy from areas without naturally-occurring, superheated steam or water. EGS consists of the injection of large quantities of water into the bedrock of a geothermal resource and the extraction of the superheated return water to power steam turbines. Most of the geothermal power plants developed around the world in the last 30 years have relied on first-generation EGS technology.

The GTherm closed-loop proprietary system is superior to existing EGS in several important ways.

  • No requirement for large quantities of injection water
  • No pollution of ground water
  • No disruption of national hydrology
  • No high maintenance costs due to scaling and corrosion of pipes
  • No reduction of brine flow due to concentration of sediment

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