GTherm OGP, LLC, will acquire and develop depleted and /or under-performing onshore oil fields that are compact, have consistent reservoir properties, thick pay zones, and have proven oil in place.

    • Conventional oil and gas recovery processes are able to recover about 20% of the original oil in the reservoir, leaving up to 80% of the known oil stranded in place (USGS). The discovery and recovery of “easy oil” is disappearing. Much of the planet’s untapped reserves are either deep beneath the sea or in environmentally-sensitive areas making new fields expensive to exploit.
    • GTherm OGP will model and implement the GTherm Comprehensive Energy System in concessions with confirmed oil in place (“OIP”). Where legacy oil and gas recovery processes were not economically viable.
    • Volumetrix Oil Services will provide field engineering and technical support for the implementation and operation of the GTherm Comprehensive Energy System.
    • The company is eligible for a U.S. sequestration tax credit of $10.75 per metric ton of CO2 sequestered

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